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Indigenous Language Revitalization

The SayITFirst Consultation Process

SayITFirst Consulting

Congratulations to Chief and Council at Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation for reaffirming their commitment to the SayITFirst Ojibwe Language Revitalisation project on October 30, 2014. 
From left to right: Jim Windego Jr., Clayton WIndego, Don Jones, Sue Boshey, Chief Will WIndego

Consulting involves investigating the proper solutions for specific problems so the fix will vary by region and language groups. With that said, several tactical products have been delivered to aide in solving larger issues. Using UNESCO's Language Vitality and Endangerment recommendations as the playbook for success, we are addressing several shortcomings by focusing on children first while building a continuum so the children can continue to learn and use their language as they grow in their communities.

Several products now in use successfully include:

Educational Material: Books written in Native Languages utilising phonetics for easy pronunciation by parents.

TV and Computer Media: Children's Shows professionally produced entirely in the Native Languages, accompanied by books, language lessons and games for reinforcement of the show.

Permanent Record of Language: Translation tool in progress to be used to produce content for daycares and immersion classes, freeing the Elders to promote culture instead of using their limited time performing translations.

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The Elders Speak

Brent Tookenay-CEO of Seven Generations Educational Institute


“SayITFirst has been a real catalyst for Seven Generations Educational Institute and our partnership with the Rainy River District School Board.  It has allowed us to become a driving force in the revitalization of Native Languages.”

Mike & Mary Ito
Mike and Mary Ito, host of CBC Radio, Fresh Air