Say It First

Indigenous Language Revitalization

Mike conducting a workshop

SayITFirst will come to your location to provide training on developing strategies to create and publish Native Language books. In addition, scripting Children shows is an option. Templates will be provided. The course will be delivered by Canadian Best Selling Children’s book author and illustrator, Mike Parkhill.

UNESCO has identified literacy as being directly linked with social and economic development. Needed are books and materials on all topics for various ages and language abilities. At the end of this workshop, communities will have the knowledge and skills to create and to publish their own stories.

Everywhere I go, people ask me how to publish the stories told by their parents or grandparents. The goal is of this workshop is to put the power of the pen back into the hands of people who want to leave a piece of their heritage for future generations. Support will be given to those Canadian communities and individuals committed to saving their ancestral knowledge through print.

"Very informed two-day session! Mike, delivered his PD in such a way where he did not introduce anything in abstract, it was real time using real experiences and products to inspire Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey's teachers to create. At the end of our two-day session, our teachers created 12 - 23 minute children shows with accompanying books. The 12 children's shows created were 12 different ideas that were so diverse in their storyline and their audience. "

Blaire Gould, Mi'Kmaw Language Co-ordinator, Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey

The Elders Speak

Brent Tookenay-CEO of Seven Generations Educational Institute


“SayITFirst has been a real catalyst for Seven Generations Educational Institute and our partnership with the Rainy River District School Board.  It has allowed us to become a driving force in the revitalization of Native Languages.”