Say It First

Indigenous Language Revitalization

The Royal family has come and gone but the need to continue driving the issue of ancestral languages being spoken at home stays behind. The past few days have been a whirlwind for Heather and me. We are most impressed with various news agencies bringing the issue to the public's eye.

The exposure the Prince’s Charities Canada / Les Œuvres de bienfaisance du prince au Canada and Department of Canadian Heritage have created in launching the first children's book written in Southern Tutchone has been included on

We collectively need to continue making progress in solidifying self identity in our Native youth, our role in supporting Native Canadian youth and Indigenous roles in revitalization.

Thanks goes to Lorraine Allen, Darlene Scurvey and André Bourcier, who put themselves forward to make the difference needed to create the book.

Kate & William during a reading of Hide & Peek