Say It First

Indigenous Language Revitalization

SayITFirst has produced culturally relevant videos for use in Native Language classes for grades 11 and 12 high school students. The premise is to provide the language knowledge and fluency that every Native Learner should have by the time they graduate. The material is produced locally to that school system, so the knowledge viewed is consistent with that area's belief system.

Each video starts with an introduction to a local First Nation, followed by the featured lesson in Ojibwe. Each has a corresponding English version for context only. Each video is not just a direct translation of the other.

The videos are used in language classes with an instructor adding lessons in vocabulary and providing context to the message.

Videos include authentic content about: the components of a prayer, why pray, female drum song, male drum song, the significance of a pow wow, an explanation of regalia, how to fish the Anishinaabe way, how to set a trap, and the importance of a feast.

Created by Mike Parkhill, SayITFirst
Produced by Corporate Films Canada
Directed and Edited by: Steve Jesse
Production Assistant: Chris Jesse